Sleeping Beauty: Princess Mary slept for 100 days

In October 2010 Princess Mary was poisoned by her annoyed aunt Grace Banger on the 60th birthday of her father King Roland and was subsequently in coma for 100 days.
By J.D. Pompe


Could Doctor Williams be Mary's prince?

Princess Mary’s condition was really critical at that time and she lapsed into a coma in the same night. According to Doctor Hamilton from the Margaret Hospital, he had to wait some days to be able to say more about her condition and the potential permanent injuries. The doctor talked of a big fortune that Linda Banger, Grace’s sister could avert the danger partially. Otherwise he would not be able to say whether she would have survived this toxic mixture on this evening.

The eighteen year-old princess stood in front of her father and drank a sip of her cocktail to get ready for reading her self-written poem to her father. She did not suspect her drink to be poisoned. Fortunately, Linda Banger recognized the gruel act of her sister and slapped the glass out of Mary’s hand. However, the princess had already drunk enough: her lifeless body fell on the floor. The guests were shattered and speechless. Linda Banger could only shake her head and was `really shocked by the coldhearted act of her sister`. The policemen figured out that the reason of her scandalous deed was the non-received invitation to the spring ball in April. In December 2010 Grace was sentenced to ten years in prison for malicious injury and attempted murder.

In the last one hundred days Doctor Hamilton could not promise that Mary will wake up. As the cocktail contained unknown toxics, he consulted a specialist a week ago because of his new healing method. Doctor Williams, no more than 29 years old, had just finished his doctorate degree at the Harvard Medical School. He delivered excellent results in a series of experiments in this field. Yesterday he applied his new method and kissed the sleeping beauty. The princess woke up immediately, after having slept for one hundred days.

In honor of Doctor Williams, King Roland is having a party next Saturday. In an interview he told us that Doctor Williams would be ‘the best son-in-law’ a father could desire.

(Picture: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DAyzkD2kymM/TZEs265ERFI/AAAAAAAAAyE/Z630Y8XtsGY/s1600/sleeping-beauty.jpg 04.09.2011)

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