Energy-saving packages

The use of alternative materials and energy is not longer inevitable. Packaging companies should focus on ecologic optimized supply chains. It’s important to realise the economic relevance of environmental activities. The goal is to answer the desire of the consumers.

Attract consumers to sell the content; © Unknown

Consumers demand the use of renewable resources, the reduction of material, weight and also the recycling of their products. Paper and carton are eco-friendly packaging materials. What’s more, materials like glass and aluminium could be recycled endless times.

However, a package out of plastic is the only option sometimes.  The workability and the product characteristics are really unique. Plastic is really light, flexible and has a high chemical resistance. So what could be a reason to use a different material with worse qualities? Furthermore, this is much more expensive and you have sometimes higher opacity.

The question is if it’s not more important to focus on the effects on the environment. If it’s not possible to abandon plastics, then should we use at least bio-degradable plastics. They have various usages already, e.g. packages for vegetables or fruits. The trend is going on and there are much more options to use the kinds of materials. The speciality is that they give alternatives to most of the disadvantages of plastics. On this counts resources, production and disposal. Critics would say that it is too expensive to use this kind of material, but – to be honest – use the “Bio”- sign as a new marketing strategy. Attract the consumer with a new sort of advertising and convince them that it’s worth to pay more for a product which is better for the environment.

The goal is not to focus sustainability only in single criteria. An energy-saving package can strengthen the product in its whole appearance. It’s all about how to sell the content.


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