Yemen president’s return: Increasing fear of escalation
Welcome to the latest News in SANAA, Yemen.
After recovering in Saudi Arabia more than three months President Ali Abdullah Saleh has returned to Yemen. The enduring fear of more bloodshed is still going on among the Yemenites population. No end is in sight.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Associated Press

# BREAKING: In early June, Saleh was wounded by an assassination attempt in a mosque where he was praying in his Sanaa presidential compound.
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Friday 23 September 2011

04.01am: President Saleh came back into the Yemen before dawn on Friday. In a statement on the state news agency, he called for a ceasefire, saying „the solution won’t be through cannons and barrels, but through dialogue, understanding and ending the bloodshed.“

10.55am: Yemen’s capital Sanaa is spread with rumours about President Saleh’s purposes. While a Dubai television channel broadcast that Saleh will stand back, al-Jazeera says that a consultant of Saleh refutes this statement. He says that Saleh will stay in his office to solve the riots through political ways.

11.25am:  „Sana’a is truly a divided city“, tweets the Guardian’s Tom Finn from the Yemeni capital. „Huge crowds just a few miles apart from each other supporting and deriding Saleh’s return. He says thousands are „waving flags, shouting ‚thank god you arrived safely‘.“

06.03pm: The United States say it’s necessary that Saleh step aside. A change of power would make possible that Yemen can move on.

06:42pm: While President Saleh is still talking of a truce, his return signalled an escalation of fighting into a full-fledged attempt to crush his rivals.


• White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Friday, „We urge President Saleh to initiate a full transfer of power and arrange for presidential elections to be held before the end of the year within the framework“ of the agreement. „A political solution is the best way to avoid bloodshed,“ he said.


• „We love you, Ali,“ chanted thousands massed on Boulevard 70, a street near the presidential compound.

Hani Mohammed, Associated Press, 09. 23.11

• A supporter of  Saleh sings slogans during a celebrating for his return to Sanaa.


Saturday 24 September 2011

“One of the bloodiest days of Yemen’s uprising”

4.30am: Mortar shells and sniper fire disturbed the assembly of peaceful protestors. For months they gathered for the demission of Saleh’s rule on a square. Now the government forces forced them to flee or killed them – at least 17, according to witnesses.

  • Thousand run for cover as Yemen government forces opened fire on protesters in Sanaa.
    See more on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5KXjVEwQuE
    („Yemni forces fire on protesters – A report by Deborah Gembara, Reuters.“)
  • See the extent of Yemenite protesters clashing with government forces on:

Times Photos: Yemen on the Brink

10.42am: In one of the bloodiest days of Yemen’s uprising, the amount of killed people has risen to at least 40, littering the streets with bodies.

Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar ©unknown

Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, one of Saleh’s most important opponents called for International help, warning that Saleh urges the country into civil war. Ahmar described Saleh as a “sick vengeful soul” who treats Yemen like his personal estate.


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