Lost in the News World

Exchange student Martina Powell recently started being an International Journalism student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She already experienced with her first published article – a rather ruthless review about pupils misusing ‘her’ library computers for their online role-playing games – what a strong article can achieve. The journalist-to-be is always searching for new challenges and issues. Now she wants to figure out what more Amsterdam could offer to her.

By Jennifer Pompe

If the 22-year-old Austrian was asked to mention three reasons for being a journalist, the contact with people, lifelong learning and the dynamics of the business would definitely be on her list. Due to her critical nature, she knew from the start that this job can be tough at times. “I can imagine working for the EU to apply my organizing and creative abilities as well”, says Powell. She gained these qualities in Vienna, where she moved from Salzburg to start her Bachelor’s degree in International Development.

Martina Powell – Always up to date
© Jennifer Pompe


Currently she is in her third year of the Master’s programme Journalism and writes her thesis about ‘New ways of telling stories on the web’. In her new Minor, she wants to gather more experiences in international issues. “The slogan ‘take the chance for a one-way ticket to an international career’, with which the university promote the Minor, attracts me. I really like the combination from local to global news”, says Powell.

However, to manage her busy life she has to cut back financially and time-wise. “I have cancelled the subscription to my beloved German ‘ZEIT’ newspaper. Now I rely on the online media here in Amsterdam”, she says. “But I still listens to BBC news podcasts and never misses the public radio broadcasting from Austria”.

The pleasure of reading

In Powell’s opinion in this era of social media traditional journalists are still needed, especially because they get to the point of the issue and deliver reliable articles. “Even though I prefer printed media, I think that it’s possible to get my news from an iPad in the future”, admits Powell. For her, reading is rather pleasure than work, which comes in handy considering the fact that it helps her to follow her career as an international journalist.


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