Reflection report “ Visual Journalism”

By Jennifer Pompe & Quynh Nguyen

We have been working together on all three video assignments and have learned a lot while making our last video feature.

Our London/Amsterdam feature was supposed to be like a documentary with some facts and personal stories by people.

We met up at school about four times to figure out Final Cut Express and to edit the video.

It was the first time for both of us to work with the program since we weren’t too much involved in the editing part as we were in our last video. It took a while to find out how to adjust the speed, add some text/ music and how to save the file to upload it onto YouTube.

Most of the time we were together at school working together because none of us had Final Cut Express at home.  The fact that we shared the amount of work evenly made it easier.

There was one major thing that went bad though: We lost one important video from London which was an interview with Sean Gardiner, the team leader of Broadwater Farm Association in Tottenham, when copying the file onto the laptop. I (Quynh), definitely learned not to ‘cut’ the file from the camera but to ‘copy’  it first. That was a big mistake but we managed to overcome the problem by asking for an email interview afterwards and adding the facts as text into the video.

It was a shame because we got the interview last minute, which almost made us miss our flight back to Amsterdam, and it was our most interesting interview.

We are quite satisfied with our camera work and think that the quality of the flip cameras was pretty good.

It was quite beneficial to work in a smaller team this time because it made us work and learn more.

Here it is:


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