“Around 50% of our food ends up in the garbage “, says Lucas Fischer, a third year Food Management and Culinaristic student from the DHBW Mosbach, Germany. During his studies in the fields of business, commodity economics and nutrition science, together with topics like cultural and ethical aspects, for example the value of food, he learns how to handle the issue of food waste and behaviour. As food manager-to-be, he works not only on the causes, but also on new solutions to solve this problem.

“In cultural science workshops we learn the relationship between the human being and the food based on the history of nutrition”, says Fischer. “Over the years, the oversupply of food in the industrial countries leads to a shift of the consumer behaviour. The availability of food at every time of the year is not only taken for granted, but also demanded. Food is only a good, not a resource to survive anymore. In today’s fast-moving society is food in the eyes of many people just an energy-supplier. The fact, that almost a half of the food waste from households is raw (WRAP, L. V. (2008 ). Food Waste Report. London: WRAP.), shows that alone through a better time- and purchase-planning an immensely amount of food waste could be saved. “

Fischer knows, that “many consumers don’t care about their food or are not well-informed about the perishability of their food. For a lot of people groceries are inedible one day after the best-before day. A clarification of the consumers is here useful and necessary. “

“There are quite a few initiatives, political and personal based, with the goal of reducing food waste. The presence of this issue in the media increased not least because of the discussion about the best-before date. More clarification of the publicity is certainly a key for damming the food waste”, says Fischer. Furthermore he mentions that a clarified consumer is not only able making better decision between expired and still edible food, but also will develop a better relationship to his food. “A discussion in the public is the first step of the explanatory work, which should be done in this field.”

In Fischer’s opinion should this be possible, because the trend in the matter of food is obvious functional food. He knows that leading companies working at the moment on new solutions, which will give the food added values. “If we sharpen the sense of the consumers in general, we probably can do something against the food waste.”


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