Lucania Film Family de Basilicata

Amsterdam, 28 Nov – 3 Dec 2011


The LFF is a marketing project to promote the Italian region Basilicata as one of the most interesting and famous region of South Italy. This event is the second edition, after the one in Paris in April 2011, and offers movies from the Lucania Film Festival, as well as promotion videos for the Basilicata region.


Review by Quynh Nguyen & Jennifer Pompe


The film event takes place from November 28 till December 3 2011 in different locations in Amsterdam: Café Brecht, Italian Institute of Culture, restaurant “Carlo di Luca”, theatre “Frascati” and Peter’s houseboat. All the locations offer a “calda e familare”, Italian for nice and friendly, atmosphere with delicious food, characteristic for the Basilicata region. It’s a gastronomic event to promote the cultural attractions, fantastic food and good wine, the beauty of nature, the artistic events of international stature and the many film locations.


When entering the door to Café Brecht, you literally walked to the Italian Basilicata. Café Brecht gave the perfect cozy atmosphere, filled with Italian talks, tastes and scents.


On November 29 the LFF took place in Café Brecht from 8.00-1.00pm with short films by international producers such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Runar Runarsson, Francesco Rosi, Giuseppe Tornatore and Gabriele Salvatores.

Rocco Calandriello, organizer of the LFF, proudly told about the movie ‘The Passion of Christ’ with Mel Gibson which was shot in Basilicata.


“It’s a strange event,” he adds as there is no real film event in the world promoting a specific area only rather than the movie itself.


The film festival is also planned for London, Brussels, St. Petersburg and Berlin.


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