Comic-Out is a longterm video about comic nerds and the comic scene in Amsterdam. There are two really attractive, and totally different comic stores in Amsterdam. Even more interesting are there sales man and customers. It’s not just that they share their passion for comics and nerd stuff, there is much more behind…watch this video and see, how they include the comic passion in their daily life.


The corresponding article “We are adorable and in the end we always get the girl“ is an interview with Steffen Volkmer of the Panini Company:

“Comics are the ideal connection point of two art forms: word and image”, dotes
Steffen Volkmer, a comic editor and PR-/press manager at Panini, one of the biggest
comic publishing companies in Germany. “If a comic is good, it turns into a movie
when you’re still reading it and afterwards you cannot say anymore what part of the
comic was a word, an image or onomatopoeia. This is the unique part of it. “

Read the full interview here.


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