Posters in Amsterdam is a really creative page and inspirational source!

The founder is Jarr Geerligs, a designer from Amsterdam who collects posters in Amsterdam and put them online. So everybody can look at those posters to find some ideas.

Also, you can find three interviews with other poster designers and their opinion about the project: Martin Pyper, Michiel SchuurmanStefan Glerum and new Hansje van Halem.

Really funny are the categories, Jarr uses: From Upside down, Masked People, A lot of red to dominant circle, misformed & mollested and faceless people.

My team members and I loved the idea that much that we chose this initiative for Concept Development 2. There, we should choose an initiative or organisation in Amsterdam which is not as good advertised as it should be. Here we go: Postersinamsterdam.com!!!

So, we went to Jarr, Stefan and Martin and did some interviews with them. We also took a lot of pictures and made a design book.

Click here to see the interactive design book!


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