What do those four things have in common? You can collect them!

I tried everything. When I was a child I collected sticker and everything I could get from the Diddle mouse. There was nothing better than changing the double versions against new rare versions. However, as soon as I got older it was not interesting enough anymore.

Then, I continued the stamp collection of my grandfather and the coin collection of my father but when I’m honest, I was done with it within 5 months.

Then, I discovered that collecting espresso cups is best for me. 

1. I love coffee and especially espresso after a heavy dinner.
2. You can use them and they not getting dusty in a collector’s album.
3. (And because I love travelling) I can get one in every city or country where I am and I have a really nice memory on this trip.

So, I have a gondolier from Venice, I have a orange cat cup with golden feet from Nice, I have a cup with the city Amsterdam on it from my first Amsterdam trip (who knew back then that I will do my study abroad here?), I have a Christmas cup because I did an internship in Mannheim (Germany) during this time. I also get espresso cups as presents from friends, this is also really nice!

Every cup tells a story and makes me happy when I see and use it. The only problem was that I had nothing to put them in. I didn’t want to put them in a closed shelf so – with the help of my father – we did my own ESPRESSO CUP SHELF! It’s not a boring shadow box but a really nice self made (Long live the DIY trend!) shelf for the corner of the kitchen.

As you can see, is the shelf too small already but I will figure something out and will show you how I handled the problem!

Let me know what cool things you are collecting and how you store them wisely at home!


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