Think about: when in your daily life are you „social“?

During the breakfast?

After waking up for checking the latest news?

While listening to music?

During a bike ride through Amsterdam?

Is it when you’re cooking in the kitchen?

On the toilet maybe?

It’s almost possible to use Facebook in every situation of your life. However, what is a thing your laptop and smartphone doesn’t like? Water!

That’s why there is a Social Shower Curtain with an image of you while showering as profile picture. It’s new, it’s fun, it’s trendy? It’s a perfect gift for social networking geeks. That’s what they say in the product description. I wouldn’t like it in my bathroom but for a living community it could be a really funny thing. Especially because the profile picture of Shower Curtain will change few times a day. Always up to date!

Source: Manufacturer


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