„Don’t talk about your job – just dance“!

This is the slogan of the new lunch break, invented by the Swedish project developer Molly Ränge (28). In 2010, she started this new idea because she was unhappy that she couldn’t combine her job and her passion for dancing.

Source: AFP

This is why she started the first Lunch Beat, a time where people can forget their stress in their job“. Furthermore, you can eat delicious food and you can talk to your colleagues and friends… NOT about the job!

What are the rules?

  • DANCE! (There is always a DJ!)
  • don’t talk about your job
  • everyone at the Lunch Beat can be your dance partner
  • water is for free
  • no alcoholic drinks are allowed
  • it takes one hour
  • everyone can do a Lunch Beat if it’s public and not commercial

Source: AFP

More and more countries follow this trend. More companies like the idea of clear the mind of the staff in the lunch time. So they can come back from their lunch break with more power and new ideas.

This trend is also proven by the fact that a lot of companies try to minimize the accessibility of the employees after the working hours. The German company VW for example shuts down the forwarding of emails from the mail server to smartphones half an hour after business. So, the employees should use their free time for leisure activities to be more balanced during the working times.


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